Privacy Policy

  1. The Crazee Chixz and owners will never share your information with another entity. We will not give or sell this information without you explicit request to do so through an email to which will suffice as a legal agreement. You must spell out what information exactly to share and with whom to share it.
  2. The Crazee Chixz has a podcast, “Chit Chat with the Crazee Chixz” and a YouTube channel, “Crazee Chixz“, that is able to have comments and those comments are public. If you want to contact us personally, do so with the form on our website, or by emailing
  3. The Crazee Chixz have been producing the Podcast and YouTube channel with no monetization, but have now moved into Retail as well as of April 2021. We hope to bring more things to the future. We are working on digital downloads and courses.
  4. We attests that we are at this time sole proprietors under the names, Christy Smith and Daphne Matthews, and use the name Crazee Chixz as our joint name.
  5. Please request any further any more information from Daphne Matthews and Christy Smith at or on Crazee Chixz Productions – Crazee Chixz

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