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Hi, If you’re an author or a loved one of an author, you know what that title means. If not, a quick explanation. Authors get inspiration everywhere, anytime, from anything and we have to jot it down. We do not care what we are doing, or who we are putting on pause to jot down our notes. It is primal instinct to us becuase it it our survival. We write to live so we must put it above all else. So, next time your author friend says, “Let me jot this down,” and then jumps back in to their life with you, it is actually a compliment because when we don’t care about the happenings around us; we just go home and write. Thanks for visiting!

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About Me

Hi, I’m Daphne M. Matthews. I throw the M out there as there is another author out with the same name as me who writes very different content. Good for her! I, however, am a published award-winning and commissioned poet; a children’s author; a young adult author; a pictorial historian, and an historian. I write and publish adult fiction and non-fiction and enjoy both. I publish with both traditional publishers and on my own through self-publishing — both have pros and cons.

I have a BS degree in English from East Tennessee State University in Johnson City, TN, where I focused on Technical Writing and Research. My history minor allowed me to focus on the socioeconomic impact of wars on both soldiers and civilians during wartime and during the aftermath.

I am obsessed with the psychology behind serial killers. I don’t care about the gore, what they did, how they did it, etc., I want to know about their childhood; about their parents, grandparents and siblings, their neighbors and friends; were they bullied at home or school; and finally what was that defining moment and how did their life spiral downhill from there. Yes, I’m a little morbid, but hey, I’m a writer.

Lastly, I’m going to tell you about the most important aspect of my life. My husband, Ronnie, my two sons, Jimmy and Joey (and wife, Harley), his daughter, Angel, my parents, Pat and Jerry, my sister, Brenda (and Johnny), my niece Ashley (and husband Isaac) and great-niece, Madison and -nephew, Raiden, and my nephew, Ty (who is working on a family, TBD). My two best friends, who I would not make it through the weeks without, Christy (of the Crazee Chixz) and Jen (you can call her Jenifer). I have more but these are the people who I can count on being by my side every day. The ones I don’t have to call — they call me to check when they know something’s going on — and they know because they are in my daily life. And if I text 911, they answer, no matter what, no questions asked. This is my tribe. I hope you all have a tribe and if you don’t I pray you find one. Or, write your story and create your own. Love to you all!!!!

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