Genres: Young Adult

Just to touch base with all my Crazee fans, I am working on a concise post for the young adult genre that will be posted later this week. To check out the subject as we progress, check out the podcast on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at Chit Chat with the Crazee Chixz (!

Follow our progress with our planner! We hope to share a post later this week letting your know what our ‘very basic outline’ looks like. We’d like to give you an idea of what is coming without giving you enough to steal it!!!! LOL JK, we know you’d never steal from these two Crazee Chixz!

Lots of love to you all! See you soon!

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Published by Crazee Chixz

Crazee Chixz Productions was created by two long-time friends, Christy Flanary Smith and Daphne Williams Matthews to showcase the beauty and talent of upper east Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and northwest North Carolina. Their podcast, Chit Chat with the Crazee Chixz, will focus on the art, music, local food and chefs, small business owners and much, much more. Check out their new format by reading our "New Beginnings" blog post!!!!!

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