Genres: Romance

By: Daphne M. Matthews of the Crazee Chixz

Let’s talk about Romance Novels!

Love is in the air....
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Here’s the funny thing about Romance Novels: they did not start out to be what we know them as now. In the literary sense, a romance novel began as a story where the main character, usually a hero, goes on a quest and conquers a monster, a kingdom, etc. He might prove himself to his king by returning a stolen family jewel so that he can win the hand of his princess. There will be action and adventure, but the story is not really about love: the story is about the adventure. However, that is the literary definition of the Romance genre.

However, I’m sure you’re reading this blog post, or listening to this podcast and YouTube episode, for the modern version of the Romance genre. These stories are amazingly similar. Character has bad relationship after bad relationship. Character meets someone who totally annoys them (or totally enthralls them). Character falls madly in love. Character meets a major challenge that could end it all. Character gets love of character’s life and the ride off into the sunset.

These stories can move forward in different ways. Single parent needs a nanny/honey-do-list helper/lawn service and then boom. 

It could also be young man working on his masters and so focused that he doesn’t even notice the female best friend that he’s had since 3rd grade until they agree to go to a required mixer together because they have no one else in her life and she shows up in a single shoulder, sequenced, black, split leg dress and boom.

It could also be a 30 something character in prison who has grown up in a bad home, bad neighborhood, bad life all together and has been in prison since this character was 17 for a gang murder. But, during the character’s last three years in prison, there is a nurse who actually cares. This nurse asks questions about the character including, “How are you today?” and really cares about the answer. So, as release day approaches, the character doesn’t want to leave. The character can’t imagine life without seeing this nurse every day. And, boom.

So, with romance, even though the premise of the story is basically the same, authors can and do make great romance genre stories that don’t seem the same. Single authors churn out hundreds of these stories and make each one its own without making you feel like you’ve repeatedly read the same story.

So, if you love the Romance genre and you want to share the stories and character in your head with others, create your own Romance Novel, make it your own, and share it with the world.

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Crazee Chixz Productions was created by two long-time friends, Christy Flanary Smith and Daphne Williams Matthews to showcase the beauty and talent of upper east Tennessee, Southwest Virginia, and northwest North Carolina. Their podcast, Chit Chat with the Crazee Chixz, will focus on the art, music, local food and chefs, small business owners and much, much more. Check out their new format by reading our "New Beginnings" blog post!!!!!

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